Ghuri School

‘Ek Ronga Ek Ghuri’ is a voluntary organization registered under the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh. Which in 2018 established a school called ‘Ghuri School’. Since then, it has been providing education to children in a safe, friendly environment, by qualified and motivated teachers completely without pay. At present, about 40 students from pre-primary to 5th grade are studying in Ghuri School unpaid. The school is registered under the Department of Primary Education, Government of Bangladesh.

The Goal / Purpose of Ghuri School
Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. Good education can turn them into the wealth of the country. That is why every child deserves education. Education is the human right of every child. The main aim and objective of Ghuri School is to ensure quality primary education to the helpless, destitute, Street children and backward children in the society and to bring back the children who have dropped out of school. Ghuri School is working towards the goal that every child should be well-educated and well-developed.

Aid By Ghuri School
In Ghuri school, children are provided with textbooks, pens, pencils, school bags, school uniforms and other educational materials free of cost. Education is also imparted on moral conduct, humanity, patriotism, physical exercise, and cleanliness. Children of Ghuri School are made aware of their child rights as well.

Ghuri school’s children are given regular health check-ups and nutritious healthy food. Sports and educational movies are shown once a week. National anthem and painting are taught. A variety of cultural events are organized on National Days. In all these programs, the school children perform dances, songs and acting.
One day a week the child’s parents are consulted, listened about their problems and given practical ideas about the future benefits of them and the children if the children are educated. They are encouraged to send their children to school. Discussions have taken to discourage child labor and initiatives taken for making them economically self-sufficient.
In addition, if a student wants to study above 5th grade, Ghuri School provides the full support of creating opportunities and bears expenses to study at another secondary school.

Special Disaster Relief
In the special disaster of 2020 (Covid-19), Ghuri school children and their families are provided with food items (oil, potato, flour, salt, sugar, rice, pulses) in four phases. In addition, hand sanitizers, masks, corona, health awareness leaflets, and emergency medicines were distributed. Emergency treatment and medicine are provided to school children or their families if they have affected by coronavirus.

Bank account
The money received from the Ghuri School’s benevolent support/donation and received through Bkash is deposited in a bank account. Which is spent on school needs.

Ghuri School Managing Personal
• Headmistress Shimul Ahmed
• Assistant Teacher (2) # Safura
# Kulsum Begum
• Office Assistant Mehedi Hasan Tushar
• Administration 1 person
• Cleaner 1 person