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We have just completed National Campaign with support from Good Neighbors Bangladesh. In this campaign, Hasimukh Somajkollan Porishod, Chayatol Poribar, Apon Foundation, Good Neighbors Bangladesh and Ek Rong Ek Ghuri participated. We demanded the government for a separate ministry for child related affairs!

We have completed Child Rights Situation Analysis supported by KNH Germany. In this CRSA we had support from LEEDO, Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM), Apon Foundation and some other NGOS. We have submitted our research to KNH Germany, and are expecting a report published by them within a short time. Based on Recent CRSA we (3 organizations, LEEDO, EREG & APON) have submitted a project to KNH Germany. December 1 is the expected date to start the project for street connected children of Dhaka.

We have running Ghuri School for local slum and street connected children where education is provided them with medical support, medicine, new dresses, refreshment and we are trying to raise awareness in them regarding their rights. We are teaching them art, singing. They are participating various events arranged by us.

EREG have just started a new project name ‘We read science books’, Supported by NPO Science Forum 21, Japan, The objective of this project to express the willingness of both parties to engage in an effort to create mass awareness to promote reading science books in school and colleges of Bangladesh.

We have a community clinic in Brahmanbaria district where we are providing free health support with emergency medicine for the poor people since July 04, 2019. Supported by Joton Inc. USA.

We have attended 1700 patients including children, men and women of different age groups.

We have a unique program which we started in Dhaka back in 2012. In fruitful seasons street connected children cannot afford to buy fruits. We have a fruits distribution program. One fruit loaded truck roams around the city to find disadvantaged children in parks, stations, slums and then we distribute fruits to them. It’s a day long program.

We have an emergency response team to react against natural disasters. Flood, cyclone or anything which needs voluntary support, our emergency response team provides necessary support. In last flood we distributed a large number of rice, lentil, dry fruits etc. We also helped the victims at Rana Plaza Incident, Nimtoli fire etc.

Every year in Eid-Ul-Fitre we distribute new dresses among slum and street connected children. Up until last year we have distributed more than 2800 new dresses and gift packs to children.

In winter we have a program for poor people. Every year in this program we distribute blankets, warm clothes etc. Till last year we have distributed more than 3500 blankets to the disadvantaged people.

We have sponsor a child program in Brahmanbaria district. Where we have 110 children in 2 villages. We are working for them since last year. We are trying to provide nutritious food, heath care, new dresses, education materials and school fees. They all come from very poor families and their parents are very poor but they are helping us to educate their children.

We own a publication hose where we publish books all year round. We also have stalls in the Ekushey Book Fair every year. Till 2020 we have published over 250+ books. 30 percent of the sales from our publication is added to our general fund, which is used for our yearlong events. Last year we have joined the Tokyo Book fair.

We are a volunteer organization. We have events such as Kashful Adda, Krishnachura Adda, River Cruises, tour to heritage and renowned area visitation falls under our regular activities.

Most of the members of EREG are bloggers, writers, poets and artists who have the similar mind set for helping the children of Bangladesh.