Children are future of our nation. But what we see!! Lots of street children are moving without any future. They are deprived of basic needs. As a good citizen we enjoy some rights, as well as we have some duties & obligations. We want to make some nice examples & be a member of what will make us proud.

Ek Ronga Ek Ghuri [EREG] is committed to do something for these children and the group needs your support. We use our expertise, experience to development of these children. We believe to work following Right Based Approach. We believe what we are doing is not sympathy to them; it’s our obligation to them. We also linkage them with different resources & strongly believe in referral.

This is totally a philanthropic platform; many individuals are providing their support on ad-hoc basis to our initiative. Many volunteers are involved with us to spare their time in heavenly work.

Together we are committed to change the live of the disadvantaged. Some have questions about how can they contribute in the activity or physical presence is compulsory.

We say that when you think you are with our motto from then you are volunteers, change makers. Just to believe in mind. No age, race, sex, religion, political barrier. Just Humanity. This is very much relaxing group. All we, you, they, our, everyone develop this group. Beside this we have something to share

You …

 Take class of these children
 Play with the children
 Provide cash support
 Provide kind support (like warm cloth, food, medicine, books, game materials, recreational materials etc)
 Visit our school, program
 Provide advice, directional idea
 Give moral support
 Tell about our works to others
 Support at internet, Facebook
 Link the group to any person/organization who can support the initiative
 Arrange your or your known person’s birthday program or any programs with these children
 Arrange picnic, cultural program
 Adda with your friends with the children
 Pray for the best of these children.

You can do any one of these, or more or as your wish or you can say any idea beside these. Please extend your support to the street children suffering from abuse and let the children feel the warmth of our heart

Hope to get response soon. You along with your family members are invited to visit our school and other initiatives. Once again we would like to thank you for your desire to help our initiative.

Your gracious presence, appreciable contribution and guiding advice & action will pace the changing movement a lot.