Ek Ronga Ek Ghuri is a Registered Non Profit Charity Organization with Ministry of Social welfare, People's Republic of Bangladesh. Registration No. Dho 09670

Ek Ronga Ek Ghuri-EREG has been working to assist the children in Bangladesh since 2008 as volunteer Organization through Facebook surfing, entertainment, advocacy, get together, experience sharing, volunteering, humanitarian response and blogging. The program works across five thematic sectors: Child Rights and Child Protection, Health- Nutrition, Child Poverty, Humanitarian and Education. With the support provided by our own donors, well-wishers, friends from the abroad and inspired with the local people.

Ek Ronga Ek Ghuri-EREG  global members, both  in government and civil society organizations, we are making progress towards maximizing impact for children who are most in need of our support, including those affected by flood and disaster, ethnic minority groups in slum areas, street and working children, refugee children, and others; vulnerable and socially excluded.

As EREG is a dual mandate organization, we respond to disasters; and in ensuring the survival, protection and development of affected children. In Bangladesh, EREG is currently moving forward to strengthen monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning aspects of its work to ensure quality. In simple terms, it is about emphasizing our project learning in a way that brings lessons learned into the project design and management decision making, leading to continual improvements over time.

We are trying to ensure delivery of high quality programs that address the needs and rights of children and their communities.  We are working in a team. Our message towards children is unity and harmony in diversity in every actions of hope for their life.



‘Inspired with humanitarian love in action’

Vision and values:

We look forward to a world where every child experiences promising life in all its circumstances. They show in a world where the treasure of our hearts and the measure of our wealth is the happiness and well-being of all children. We want they grow in peace, unity, love and harmony.